Invoice themes determine the look of your invoice PDF, for example, you can add a logo, payment advice text, change fonts, change table colours and a whole lot more.

When creating a new invoice you can select an invoice theme or use the options as explained below to set a default.

Built-in Themes

We have created numerous themes for you to choose from on the Settings > Configure system > Invoice Themes menu.

You can Preview the theme to view what it looks like;  Set as Default so that all invoices going forward default to this theme; Apply to all so that all existing invoices are updated to this theme and finally Copy to replicate our theme and save as your own.

To apply a logo to a built-in theme, head to the Settings > Organisation > Details & Tax > Logo menu, and upload an image here.

My Themes

You can create your own themes on the Settings > Configure system > Invoice Themes menu by clicking on the Create invoice theme button or by copying a built-in theme.

You can then use our basic tools to adjust the way the theme will look or you can use our advanced styling tool to edit the CSS and make more advanced changes. When you copy a built-in theme, the styling is fixed to advanced.

How to create a basic invoice theme

How to create an advanced invoice theme

Your own themes will have three extra options. Edit allows you to make further changes to the theme; Publish will make your theme publicly available to download on the Settings > Configure system > Invoice Themes > Templates menu and Delete which will permanently remove your theme.

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How to contact support within Clear Books

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