As an Admin user, you can invite a user or edit the permissions of an existing user on the Home > Users menu within Clear Books. 

The expenses and purchases permissions allow you to perform actions and view menus in the Mobile App. These permissions are the same as the web permissions and are described below:


This feature must be toggled on in the Clear Books account for users to be able to see the expenses menu in the Mobile App. 

Add Expenses     

Required to add either an expense or an expense from photo in the mobile app. 


List Expenses

Required to view all expense types - draft, unapproved or approved.         

List Draft (effective only when List Expenses is granted)     

Required to edit/delete draft expenses.


List Approved (effective only when List Expenses is granted)     

Required to edit/delete approved expenses if you are on Adhoc expense method.


Review Expenses  

Not supported - used in CB to allow users to approve expenses 


List Bills

Required to list all bills. 

Exception: if the ‘Bills paid to employees’ permission is not granted, the list of bills will not include any bills where an employee is the supplier.

Create Bills

Required to create bills and bills from a photo.

Purchase Orders

Not supported in the Mobile App.

Bills paid to the employees (effective if the List Bills permission is granted)

This will either show employee bills (bills where an employee is the supplier) or hide them depending on whether the permission is enabled.