Clear Books supports multiple users so you can invite your accountant, employees or directors into your account to collaborate on your accounts. You must have Admin rights to do this.

Step 1.

Navigate to Home [the Building icon at the top right] > Manage users and click on the Invite user button.

Step 2.

Select the Role and enter the name and email address of the new user. 

There are predefined roles i.e. Admin, Employee and User, however, you can also create your own.

If you want the user to be able to view and create their own timesheets or employee expenses, make sure to select the appropriate contact in the Employee (if applicable) field. Employees can be added as a contact on either the Purchases > Expenses menu or as a supplier with employment status, from the Contact > Supplier menu.

For Clear Books Partners only: Tick the Is this user an accountant? checkbox if you would like the new user to be able to create new client accounts which link to your partner account.

The selected role can be adjusted before confirming.  In any role other than Admin, which shows all permissions, you can view all the permissions not currently available by selecting the Show all permissions options.

To enable permissions, select the appropriate radio button under the Full Permission Select All column. To remove permissions select the specific radio button under the No Permission Select All column. To remove all the permissions click on the Select All link within the title.

Step 3.

Hit the Invite user button at the bottom to complete.

The user will be sent an email containing a temporary password. The password can be changed from within the account.