Once CIS is enabled on your account, CIS specific account codes will be added to your chart of accounts, you will be able to create CIS subcontractors and you will have all access to all the CIS reports. 

Construction Industry Scheme Overview 

This guide outlines the required process to enable CIS functionality within Clear Books.

Step 1.

To enable the CIS feature navigate to Settings > Configure system > Toggle features and click on the Accounting tab in the column on the left.

Step 2.

Use the radio button to enable the Construction industry scheme box.

Once enabled the system will display three new revenue codes, and three new cost of sales codes specifically for CIS on the Settings > Accounting > Account codes menu.

Use the appropriate CIS account code when creating new invoices and bills. 

How to create a sales invoice with CIS deductions

How to create a bill with CIS deductions

A CIS return can be created on the Tax > CIS menu on the Monthly returns tab, this can be submitted via Clear Books directly to HMRC. 

How to submit a CIS return to HMRC