You must have enabled the CIS feature to proceed.

Currently, CIS returns can only be submitted with Clear Books appointed as the agent. We do not currently support submission to HMRC with an accountant as the agent.

Step 1.

Navigate to the Settings > Organisation > Details & Tax menu.


Step 2.

Click on the Tax tab.

Tax tab

Step 3.

Fill in your own Tax and CIS details as shown in the example below.

CIStax details

Step 4.

Navigate to the Reports > CIS menu.


Step 5.

Click on the Verifications link.

Step 6.

All subcontractors must be matched or verified.

When automatically verified the tax treatments are updated from HMRC as follows:

Unmatched means bills should be using the 30% CIS account

Net means bills should be using the 20% CIS account

Gross means bills should be using the Gross CIS account


If the tax treatment is anything else then please let us know (unless you are manually verifying subcontractors).

Step 7.

Click on the Monthly returns link and view the return that you would like to submit.

view cis return

Step 8.

Click on the Submit to HMRC button to complete.