We’ve partnered with Metro Bank to provide our award-winning accounting software to their business customers.

For Metro Bank business account holders, this guide explains how to register for a Clear Books account via the Metro Bank app. It also describes how to add and manage a Clear Books subscription.

Once you have registered a Clear Books account via the Metro Bank app, you will be able to use the direct Metro Bank feed to import your transactions into Clear Books. Existing Clear Books users will also be able to connect and use the direct Metro Bank feed.

In your Metro Bank app

Step 1. 

Log in to your Metro Bank app and head to the ‘Products & Services’ menu. 

Step 2.

Under the 'Business section', tap on the ‘Get Clear Books accounting software’ which will give you an outline of Clear Books’ software and plans. Tap on the Start free trial now button.

Step 3.

Confirm the details that you will share from the Metro Bank app to Clear Books. 

Step 4.

Add the credentials you would like to use to access Clear Books.

Step 5.

You will then be brought to Clear Books to create your account. Fill in the details of your business as appropriate.

If you have multiple Metro Bank business accounts, you will also need to select which of those you will be creating the Clear Books account for.

What happens next?

Your Clear Books account has now been created and you will be given a 30-day free trial period. 

You can access your Clear Books account via the Metro Bank app.

Alternatively, you can log in to Clear Books on any device, with your new credentials created during registration.

Log in to Clear Books here

You can end the trial on the Home > Account menu.

You can add a subscription on the Home > Subscription menu, and you can manage your subscription from this menu going forward.