We’ve partnered with Metro Bank to provide our award-winning accounting software to their business customers.


How to register and manage your Clear Books account from the Metro Bank App

This partnership includes a direct bank feed that will automatically import a statement of your transactions from Metro Bank to your Clear Books account. This guide explains how to enable the direct Metro Bank feed.

You can also use our bank feed integration with Plaid to set up bank feeds for many UK banks, including Metro Bank, which you can learn about below.

How to set up automatic bank feeds

In your Metro Bank app

Step 1.

Once you have registered an account with Clear Books, you can set up the Metro Bank direct bank feed by logging in to your Metro Bank app. 


First, navigate to the ‘Products & Services’ menu. Under the 'Business' section, select the option to ‘Set up a bank feed’.

Step 2.

Select Clear Books as the cloud accounting provider that you would like to set up the bank feed with.

Step 3.

Select the bank account(s) that you would like to link.

Step 4.

Choose to import your historic transactions, up to the last 12 months if they exist, or skip.  You can use our CSV import tools to import your historic transactions later, if you wish.

Step 5.

You will be redirected to a Clear Books page to log in and to allow Clear Books to access your Metro Bank data.

In your Clear Books account 

Now that the Metro Bank feed is set up, it will import statements into Clear Books on the Money > Bank accounts page. Statements are updated with imported transactions on a daily basis. 

 You can now explain the imported statement by clicking on the Explain link beside the relevant imported statement

How to explain transactions on the Bank Explain screen

Disconnecting your feed

If you no longer want to use the Metro Bank direct bank feed, you can choose to disconnect the bank feed and stop importing transactions by heading to Tools > Integrations > Other integrations and click on the 'Disconnect app' button under the 'Metro Bank' integration.