What is Stripe?

Stripe is an online payment system that you can use to collect payments from your customers.

How do I set up Stripe in Clear Books?

Stripe is set up in Clear Books as an online payments bank account. This sits under Money > Bank accounts and will appear there with balances and statements for you to view. Please see the guide below for details on how to do this. 

How to connect your account with Stripe

How do I import Stripe statements?

Once you have completed the Stripe set up, your statements will automatically import going forward. Following our guide below will show you how to import your historic Stripe statements. 

How to import a historic Stripe statement

Why won't my transactions import?

There are a few reasons this could happen. Check that your Stripe account’s status says Connected. Also note that Stripe payments made through Clear Books invoices are found in your Stripe bank account Statement, and not in the Stripe Imported Statements as you will not need to Explain these. 

Please make sure you have linked your Stripe account as detailed in the guide above and if you have any issues, please contact support for further assistance. 

How long does it take for a transaction to be imported?

Imports are instant and pulled directly from your Stripe account via the connection.

Can I use Stripe to take payments for my invoices?

You can. Following the guide below will show you how to collect a payment via Stripe.

How to collect a payment via Stripe

How do I create a multi currency Stripe account?

Please see step 4.1 of our guide for how to set this up. You can also edit the Stripe account on the Money > Bank accounts  menu and add further currencies at any time. 

How to connect your account with Stripe

How are the Stripe transaction fees handled by Clear Books?

They are automatically explained in the system. Clear Books will generate a paid bill (prefixed PAY) for the fee of each transaction. This simplifies your work and allows for fees to be managed easily and quickly.

Can I use my existing Stripe bank account to connect to Stripe?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use an existing Stripe account in Clear Books for linking with our integration. You can create a new stripe account and transfer any residual balance to this account (via a journal) and then archive your old one for historical purposes. 

Can I part-pay invoices?

This is not possible using the integration. You can currently only collect money for the outstanding amount of an invoice. 

Is there a minimum amount I can charge?

Yes. As Stripe takes a fee, there is a minimum amount you will be able to charge on an invoice so that you do not lose money. This is based on the currency that you are charging in.

Minimum charge amounts