In Clear Books, transactions are locked to a VAT return once a return is saved as a draft. The VAT exceptions report will only show those transactions that are not locked to an existing VAT return within the date range specified. 

How to create and submit an MTD VAT return

The report can be a powerful tool to find transactions missing from a VAT return. On occasions, transactions may have been added to Clear Books after the submission of a VAT return or transactions may have been given an incorrect VAT rate.

Step 1.

Navigate to Reports > All Reports and click on the the VAT Exceptions report under the Tax heading.

Step 2. 

Select a date range for the transactions you would like to see and click on the Find button.

Step 3. 

The report will now show all the invoices, bills and expenses (separated into Purchases and Sales headers) that are not locked to any VAT returns.