The full statement menu allows you to view all unpaid invoices, bills, unallocated cash, credit notes, quote types and purchase orders for a particular contact.

The full customer statement menu can be accessed by heading to Contacts > Customers, just click on the balance under the Currently due column for the appropriate customer. 

The full supplier statement menu can be accessed in the same way from Contacts > Suppliers.

Statement Menu Options

Statements can be shared externally with your contacts using either of the two shareable URL links in the blue box.

Please note: these are secure links that contain an access key. These links should not be shared with unauthorised individuals.

You can also email a PDF statement from this screen by clicking on the Email button. There is a template for this email under Contacts > Emails > Settings.

Email Templates

Example full statement menu:

The Full statement URL link (shown in the blue box) is an external version of the full statement menu and is included on all invoice emails by default. It allows your customers to accept or reject quotes.

By default the number of paid invoices or bills to be shown on this statement is set to 10. You can update this by editing the customer and changing the figure in the Visible paid invoices on a full statement field found on the Other information tab.

How to edit an existing customer

The PDF statement URL link (in the blue box) is an external link to a PDF version of the full statement. The PDF version will only list unpaid/part paid invoices or bills. 

Example external full statement: