Email templates are the messages that are displayed for email types within Clear Books. You can view and edit the templates on the Contacts > Emails > Email Templates menu.

You can edit the default messages for the following email types:

  • Invoices (new invoices created)
  • Invoice Reminders
  • Invoice Payments
  • Invoice Prompts
  • Quotes
  • Remittance (for a single bill)
  • Payment Remittance (for a payment allocated to multiple invoices/bills)
  • Purchase Orders
  • Customer Statements

Both the Details template and the Signature template are used in combination with the above email types on all emails. For example, an email for a new invoice would look similar to the below:

The templates that form this email are as follows:

Invoice Template

Details Template

Signature Template

Place Holders

Place holders allow you to populate data on your templates from fields within Clear Books.

For example, this invoice template below begins Dear ::their_forenames:: which will mean that the system will replace the place holder ::their_forenames:: with the first name of the contact the invoice you are emailing is addressed to. The placeholder ::invoice_type:: will be replaced by the word invoice.

The completed email will look as follows: