The Mobile App allows you to create expenses on the go. In this guide, we demonstrate how to create an expense by taking a photo. The Mobile App will then extract the data from the image to populate the details of the expense. You can also create an expense by manually filling in the details.

The Mobile App links seamlessly to your Clear Books account so that any data added in the Mobile app will appear in your Clear Books account and vice versa.

Step 1.

Log in to the Mobile App and tap on either the Dashboard or the Purchases menu at the bottom.

Step 2.

Next, tap on the plus icon in the blue circle. This will bring up a list of the available options. 

Step 3.

The Mobile App will need permission to access your camera so please accept any requests. 

If you deny access to the camera and want to use it in the future, you can update the app in your phone settings.

Step 4.

Take a picture of the full receipt, try and make sure all the information on the receipt is legible. 

Step 5.

The app will use Optical Character Recognition technology to read the data and populate the totals of the expense form (please note, the app will only populate the text if certain, if there's any doubt, we'll leave it off for you to enter manually).

Check through the details of the expense form and make any changes if necessary.

The image of the receipt will be saved as an attachment.

Step 6.

Tap the tick to complete the creation of the expense.