The Mobile App allows you to create expenses on the go. In this guide, we demonstrate how to create an expense by manually filling in the details. However, you can choose to create an expense from a photo and the mobile app will extract the data from the image to populate the details of the expense. 

The Mobile App links seamlessly to your Clear Books account so that any data added in the Mobile app will appear in your Clear Books account. 

Step 1.

Log in to the Mobile App and tap on either the Dashboard or the Purchases menu at the bottom.


Step 2.

Next, tap on the plus icon in the blue circle. This will bring up a list of the available options, select Expense

Step 3.

First, select a supplier, if the supplier does not exist, just type the name and tap the Add icon.

Step 4.

Select an employee claiming. By default, this will be auto-selected as yourself unless you are an admin user and create expenses for multiple employees.

Step 5.

Next, add a date for the expense.

Step 6.

The show options button will show more options for the expense such as the Project and Summary fields.

The attachments button will show the image of the receipt if you have taken a photo. 

Step 7.

Tap on the Add items option. 

Here you will need to add a description of the item you are adding, an account code, the quantity, unit price and VAT rate. Tap on the tick at the top to complete.

You can add as many items as necessary. Each item contributes to the subtotal, VAT and Total at the bottom.

Step 8.

Tap the tick at the top right to complete the expense.