If you make a payment to a supplier in advance of a bill being raised, you can create a payment on account. This payment can be allocated to a bill in future from the unallocated cash menu. Alternatively, if you import a statement, you can explain the payment on account from the statement, please click here to learn more.

Step 1. 

Navigate to the Purchases > Unallocated Payment menu. 

Step 2.

Fill in the payment form and hit the Confirm button to complete.

The system then re-directs you to the payment allocation menu. This menu lists all unallocated payments and all unpaid/part paid bills for the supplier and allows you to allocate these payments to outstanding bills.

You can also create new payments and bills for the supplier using the appropriate buttons on this menu.

You can view all unallocated payments on the Money > Unallocated cash menu.

You can then return to the payment allocation menu above by clicking on the Allocate link.

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