If your current bank balance does not match your actual bank balance then you can perform a manual bank account reconciliation to highlight missing/duplicate transactions.

To do so you will need to compare your actual bank statement to the Clear Books statement month by month. It is always best to begin from the first month where the opening balances match and the closing balance does not.

Step 1.

Head to Money > Bank accounts.

Bank accounts

Step 2.

Click on the balance of the account that needs reconciling.

Step 3.

Use the Choose a month drop down menu to select the most recent month.

Step 4.

Compare the opening balance of this month against the opening balance on your actual bank statement.

If the opening balance is correct move to Step 5. If the opening balance is incorrect, select the previous month in Clear Books and perform the same check.

Step 5.

Unreconcile all transactions in the month by selecting the check box at the top of the column and hitting the Unreconcile button.

Step 6.

Now that all the transactions within the month are unreconciled, try to match each transaction one by one with the transactions on your actual statement.

Tick the check box beside the appropriate transactions that do and hit the Reconcile button.

Each reconciled transaction will have a tick beside it. This process should highlight any missing or duplicate transactions.

As soon as the month has been fully reconciled select the next month - the opening balance should agree to your actual statement, however, if the closing balance does not, repeat steps 5 & 6.

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