The mass update feature can be used to explain similar transactions in bulk on either imported or re-created bank statements via the Bank Explain screen.

The Bank Explain screen overview 

Import Rules

You will need to create import rules with the details of the transactions you want to explain. Each import rule will require a 'search term', this search term will be cross-referenced with the descriptions of your transactions and determines whether the rule is applicable.  

Import rules are created automatically each time you explain a transaction on the Bank Explain screen. You can disable this automation on the Settings > Configure system > Toggle features > VAT & Bank import tool menu.

There are 2 ways to create import rules:

i. Money > Bank import rules

Click on the 'Create import rule' button.

You can create, edit and delete import rules manually from the Money > Bank import rules menu.

ii. On the Bank Explain screen

When you are explaining a transaction on the bank explain screen, you will be able to create a rule using the green plus icon at the bottom left.

Set up the details of the import rule as appropriate.

The 'Search term' of the import rule is key and must be unique to the transactions that you would like to mass update. If the search term of the import rule is included in any part of a transaction description on the imported statement, then the transaction will be updated in the mass update. 

The search term field is case sensitive.

The 'Type' can be set as either a transaction, transfer or refund. 

If 'Transaction' is selected, the transactions generated by the mass update will be prefixed REC for receipts and PAY for payments. If 'Refund' is selected, the transactions generated by the mass update will be prefixed SRF for receipts and PRF for payments. 

If 'Transfer' is selected, you will need to enter the bank you will be transferring money to or from.

Mass Update

Once you have created you import rules, you will be able to see when the rule is applicable to a transaction on the Bank Explain screen. The Mass update button will appear to the right of the applicable rule. If you click on this button it will explain all transactions where the rule is applicable. 

The Mass update will only explain transactions on the statement you are viewing

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