Use the Mass update with care, there is no undo action. You can create a restore point before running a mass update so that if there are any mistakes the account can be restored to the point before the update was run.

The Mass update facility is used when explaining imported or re-created bank statements. It uses bank import rules that typically explain individual bank items to update multiple identical entries.

Step 1.

Navigate to Money > Bank accounts.

Bank accounts

Step 2.

Scroll down the page and under the Imported statements that need explaining heading, click the Explain button next to the statement required for the mass update.

Step 3.

The mass update will use import rules to explain multiple transactions on the imported statement with the same details. Click on the first transaction which has details common to the transactions that you would like to explain in bulk.

Step 4.

Now, to create an import rule (which will store the details to be applied to multiple transactions), click on the green plus icon beside the Create a user defined lookup rule.

Please note: If the automatic rule creation feature has been enabled on the Settings > Configure system > Toggle features menu, the system may have already created an import rule from a transaction explained with a similar description on a previously imported statement.

In this case, there will be an edit icon in place of the green plus icon which you can use to update details of the import rule (as shown in step 5). If the details are all correct please skip to step 6.

Please note: You can create, edit and delete import rules manually from the Money > Bank import rules menu.

Step 5.

Set up the details of the import rule as appropriate.

The Search term of the import rule is key and must be unique to the transactions that you would like to mass update. If the search term of the import rule is included in any part of a transaction description on the imported statement, then the transaction will be updated in the mass update. 

Please note: the search term field is case sensitive. 

Step 6.

Once the import rule is confirmed the Mass update button should appear to the right of the import rule. Click on Mass Update to explain the multiple transactions.

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