To record petty cash expenditure in Clear Books the first requirement is to set up a petty cash account. Once you have done this you can record the cash in or out using the manage money options or by re-creating a statement. 

Any cash paid back in or withdrawn from your business account can be explained as a transfer. 

Step 1.

Navigate Money > Bank accounts.

Step 2.

Click Add account button to add a cash account.

Step 3.

Under Account type select the add icon next to Cash account and fill in the details of the account as required.

Step 4.

Treat the cash account as any other bank account.

Record all payments made into the account (eg shop takings, or withdrawals from the bank account and record all payments out of the account (eg cash payments for stamps, milk, coffee etc and cash paid into the bank account).

There are two ways to record these transactions:

1. Re-create a petty cash statement manually

Navigate to Money > Bank accounts and use the Re-create option next to the cash account. 

This approach utilises the normal bank import tool which requires you to first re-create the statement and then explain what each transaction is. To record these transactions re-create a bank statement for your petty cash detailing all the activity in & out.

Once all the transactions are noted on the screen select Manage statement in order to explain what to do with each transaction, as you would with an imported bank statement.

2. Manage Money

The alternative approach is to record transactions as and when they happen on an ad-hoc, one at a time, basis.

Navigate to Money > Bank accounts and select either Money In or Money Out for the cash account.

Enter the amount and description of the cash transaction.

Upon clicking Explain money in, you will be taken through to explain the transaction as you would with an imported bank statement.

When paying cash into the business bank account select Transfer next to the Petty cash account.