If you want to add your bank transactions to Clear Books, you can simply create a copy of your bank statement within your Clear Books account. Alternatively, you can use our bank import tool to import a statement, or use Yodlee to connect to your bank and import your statement automatically.

Step 1.

Navigate to the Money > Bank accounts menu.

Step 2.

Click on the Re-create link for the appropriate bank account.

Step 3.

Start updating the statement with each transaction by entering a date, description and either a payment or receipt into the table at the bottom of the statement. Hit the Add button to confirm each transaction.

Step 4.

After adding all of the transactions that make up the statement, select the default payment method in the drop-down list above the statement and enter a name for the statement in the box beside this. Hit the Rename button to confirm.

Step 5.

Hit the Manage statement link to confirm the statement and begin explaining each transaction.

If the process of explaining a statement is incomplete, it will be saved in the Imported statements that need explaining table on the Money > Bank accounts menu.


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