The Bank Explain screen allows you to explain payments and receipts in multiple different ways. 

You can reach the Bank Explain Screen by either importing/re-creating a statement or using the manage money options on the Money > Bank accounts menu.

The Bank Explain screen overview

This guide helps how to create a transfer using the manage money options and then how to explain this as a transfer from one bank account to another. Both bank accounts must be set up in Clear Books.

Step 1.

Navigate to Money > Bank accounts and click on the Transfer link on the account you wish to transfer the money from.

Step 2.

Fill out the transfer form.

From bank account: Select the bank account to make the transfer from.

Transfer amount: The amount to be transferred between your bank accounts.

Description: Description of the transaction.

Bank date: The date this transfer occurred.

Once all the details are entered, click the Transfer money button to explain the transfer.

Step 3.

Select the account the money is being transferred to in the Transfer to drop-down box. Click the Confirm transfer button to complete.

Explaining transfers in Clear Books updates the balance on the account receiving money and the account sending money. 

If you import statements for different bank accounts you will find that transfers between these bank accounts will appear as a receipt on one statement and a payment on another. Explaining both the payment and receipt on both separate statements will result in a duplicate. Please delete one of these transactions.