Step 1.

Ensure you have the correct debits and credits for the adjustments you need to make. This is important to ensure that the information you are entering into the Clear Books account is accurate.

One of these account codes must include either VAT Control or VAT Cash Control. This is important to make sure your Clear Books transactions are updated accurately.

Step 2.

Navigate to Tools > Journals > All journals > Create journal.

Step 3.

This example has 3 items but the minimum is 2 line items. Enter your debits and credits as well as the other information such as description. Some of these fields are not required and you can leave some blank.

To make the VAT adjustment, you will need to use the tick boxes towards the right-hand side and choose between Sales or Purchases. This will make the changes to the VAT return on Clear Books. When you have finished entering the information, click on Post Journal to complete.

Step 4.

Navigate to Reports > Popular reports> VAT Return to see the effects of the journal.

Step 5.

Choose your dates and run the report. The journal will show up in the relevant box and the correct amount based on whether it was a debit or a credit. This example shows the £200 in Box 7 as a negative charge. Clicking on the link in the journal row will take you to the journal to view and edit if need be.