Clear Books Partners - accountants, bookkeepers, and resellers - are able to create account templates to simplify the process of creating new accounts for their clients.

Step 1.

Log into the partner area by clicking on the Partner link at the top of the menu in Clear Books.

Step 2.

Head to Clients > Template accounts.

Step 3.

Under the Create your first template heading, enter a name for the template within the Name text box, then click the Add button.

Step 4.

The template will now appear under the Your templates table with a Register button next to its name. Click on this button to register the button.

Step 5.

Register the template using the same process used to register a normal Clear Books account.

Note that the settings entered under Register your Template are only used to set up the template and will not be applied to any client accounts based on it. When finished, click Register.

The dashboard found in a normal Clear Books account is now displayed. The template functions identically to a normal account, but no transactions can be processed. When in a template account, the text Template Account will appear at the top of the page to distinguish it from normal accounts.

Currently, the following settings will be copied over from a template:

  • Toggles (found in Settings > Configure system > Toggle Features), excluding weekly reports, lead contact and keyboard shortcuts
  • Account codes (found in Settings > Accounting > Account Codes), including groups and headings
  • Invoice settings (found in Settings > Configure system > Invoice themes > Preferences), excluding invoice bank account
  • Email settings (found in Contacts > Email > Settings)
  • Email templates (found in Contacts > Email > Templates)
  • Weekly backup schedule (found in Tools > Export > Backup)
  • Payment methods (found in Money > Bank accounts > Payment Methods)

Change any of the above settings in the template, and they will be applied to all accounts created using this template. So, for example, if purchase orders are toggled on in the template named My Template, all accounts created based on My Template would automatically have purchase orders enabled.

Step 6.

Once the template is configured appropriately accounts can be created based on it. The next time a new client account is registered, a new field named Based on template will appear.

Select the template you would like to use in this box, and fill in the rest of the client's account details as normal. When you click Register the client's account will be created with all the above settings configured as per the template.

Please note templates are applied only when the account is first created; so if, for example, an account is created called My Account based on My Template, and then change a setting in My Template after creating My Account, the setting will not be updated in My Account.