Using magic links lets you log in using your email address - you can switch this on and off, as well as log in using your password at any time. 

Step 1.

Head to the Person icon located at the top right hand side > Click on Security.

Step 2.

Click on Email log in (magic links) > Enter your current password > Then, click Enable email log in.

Once enabled, the system will show a confirmation message. 

Step 3.

 On your next log in, you can then click on Log in with email

This will send a magic link to your email address.

Step 4.

Log into your email account > Open the Clear Books Log in email > Click Log in. 

This email link will then log you into your Clear Books account. You will need to input the 2fa code if you have multifactor authentication enabled. 

Note: You can disable email log in at any time by heading to the Person icon (top right) > Security > Email log in (magic links) > Enter your current password > Disable Email log in.