This guide will demonstrate how to enable and use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for your Clear Books account. 

MFA allows you to secure your account with more than a password and is a simple and easy way to improve your account security and safeguard your accounting data. 

As with all login credentials, always keep your MFA code safe and never share it with anyone. Please also note that Clear Books employees will never ask you for your password or MFA code under any circumstances. If 

anyone claiming to be from Clear Books asks you for either, simply end all communication with them and please inform us of this immediately at

Step 1.

Navigate to the person icon in the top right hand corner of your screen and select security. 

Step 2.

Select Multi-factor authentication on the left. You will be asked for your current password and be presented with a QR code. Please scan this code with your MFA app of choice. If you do not have a MFA app you can download Google Authenticator for android here and for iPhone here. Once this is done, simply enter the code into the code field and click Enable MFA.

Step 3.


On the next screen you will be presented with a set of backup codes. These codes can be used to gain access to your Clear Books account if you have lost access to your MFA codes or your phone. Please keep these safe, and again, never share these codes with anyone. You can choose to download these in a .TXT format or copy these codes from the page. 

You can then click close and this completes the process of activating MFA for your account. You will be asked for your MFA code the next time you login and will also have an opportunity to remember your device for 7 days.

How to disable MFA

To disable MFA simply go to the person icon and then click security. Once there click on Multi-factor authentication. You will then be asked to enter your current password and can click on Disable MFA. MFA is now disabled.