Clear Books & Tide

Easy-to-use online accounting software for small businesses.

How does it work?

Integrate your Clear Books account with your Tide bank account to quickly and easily import your bank transactions using bank feeds. Clear Books’ secure bank feeds import your transactions up to 4 times a day so you can manage your small business finances quicker.

It’s really easy to connect your Tide account to Clear Books. With secure bank feeds updated daily, you can see all your transactions in your Clear Books online account software without needing to log in to online banking. 

How can I connect?

It’s easy to connect your Tide account to Clear Books. Simply follow the steps below to see your bank transactions in your online accounting software. 

Step 1.

First, navigate to Money > Bank accounts and click on the 'Manage bank' feeds button.

Step 2.

If you are adding your first bank feed to Clear Books read the initial introduction on how the bank feeds work and accept by clicking ‘I Agree’. If you have already completed this step, then move onto step 3. 

Step 3.

Click on the 'Add feed' button.

Step 4.

Click continue to give consent for our secure third-party API provider, Plaid, to access your Tide bank data and share it with Clear Books. 

Step 5.

Select Tide as your bank. 

Tide will then ask you to complete the authentication process on a Tide webpage. 


Once complete, select the accounts you would like to set up the feed for and click 'Continue'.


Finally you will need to link your feed to a Clear Books bank account. 


A statement will be imported into Clear Books and appear under the Money > Bank accounts menu. Click on the statement to begin explaining the transactions. The feed will automatically update four times a day importing any new transactions.