Integrate your Clear Books account with Revolut to quickly and easily import your bank transactions using bank feeds. The bank feed integration is a service provided through a third party called Plaid.


This guide describes how to add a Revolut bank feed and how to link the Revolut bank feed to a Clear Books bank account. 


Once the Revolut feed is linked to a bank account in Clear Books, a statement will be imported into Clear Books. The transactions on this statement will appear under the Money > Bank accounts menu, under the heading 'Imported statements that need explaining'. Explaining transactions is described further in the guide linked below: 

How to explain bank transactions

Step 1.

To set up your first bank feed, navigate to the Money > Bank accounts menu and once there click on the 'Manage bank feeds' button.


Step 2.


Read the initial introduction on how the bank feeds work click 'Next', and then read and accept the consent by clicking on the 'I Agree' button.


Step 3.


Now you can begin setting up your first bank feed; click on the 'Add feed' button.

Step 4.

A pop up will appear explaining that you are giving consent to Plaid, our third-party provider, to access your bank data and share it with Clear Books. Click Continue.


Your consent will last for 90 days, and Clear Books will prompt you when you need to provide consent again.

Step 5.

Click on the Revolut logo.


Step 6.

Next, click on the ‘Continue to Revolut’ button.


Step 7.

You will be redirected to a Revolut sign in form requiring you to select either a ‘Personal’ or ‘Business’ account and to enter your phone number associated with your Revolut account.


Step 8.

Enter the 4 digit code number that you use to access the Revolut app on your phone.

Step 9.

Now enter the 6 digit code number that Revolut has sent to your phone.

Step 10.


Now select the accounts you would like to grant Plaid (our third-party bank feed provider) access to read your accounts information.

Step 11.


You will now be re-directed back to Clear Books, select the accounts you would like to set up the feed for. Click 'Continue' to complete.


Step 12.


You will then be sent back to a linking page to link your feed to a Clear Books bank account. 


Select your bank account and a start date for all feeds. If you have not created a bank account, select the ‘Add new account’ option in the Bank account drop-down field. Click on the 'Link' button.



You will be returned to the 'Manage bank feeds' page and your feeds are displayed. 


Once established the feed will automatically update four times a day.

When the feed has been successfully added, a statement will be imported into Clear Books and appear on the Money > Bank accounts menu. Click on the statement to begin explaining the transactions.

Once you have connected your feed, or if you are having any problems with this process, please see our comprehensive list of our most frequently asked questions.

Bank feed FAQs 

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