With Stripe, your customers can pay for invoices you send them, and you can import all your Stripe transactions directly into Clear Books.


Before you can begin using this guide, you need to connect your account with Stripe.  From the point of set up, your Stripe transactions will be imported on an ongoing basis.

How to connect your account with Stripe


This guide explains how to import Stripe transactions that were made prior to connecting your account with Stripe.

Step 1. 


Navigate to Money > Bank accounts and click the Import link for your Stripe account.


Step 2. 


Once you’ve clicked on Import, you will see 2 options:


2.1. Import statement


This option will allow you to manually import a csv file from Stripe.

How to import a bank statement



2.2. Import directly from Stripe


Select the date starting from which you would like to import historical transactions.

If your account has already created Stripe Imported Statements, our system will check through these to avoid importing any transactions that have already been brought in. 


If you would like the system to automatically create customers or suppliers for each transaction then use the appropriate checkboxes provided. 


When ready, click the Import button to proceed.



All statements are queued and processed on the hour. The imported statement will appear on the Money > Bank accounts menu under the table Imported statements that need explaining.

How to explain transactions


Any Stripe transaction fees linked to the relevant transaction will be automatically explained with the account code bank charges. You therefore only need to explain the gross transaction amount.

If you want to explain transactions in bulk, you can use our mass update feature.

How to  explain transactions in bulk on an imported statement (Mass update)