If you have allocated a receipt or part of a receipt to the wrong invoice, you can deallocate the receipt, and re-allocate to a another. 

However, if you are on cash VAT accounting and have included the payment on a VAT return, you will be unable to use the deallocate feature. See the guide below to learn how to fix this issue:

Reversing a paid invoice on a cash accounting VAT scheme

Deallocating a receipt also allows you to edit the invoice and make any corrections before re-allocating. 

However, if you are on an invoice VAT scheme and the invoice has been included on a VAT return you will be unable to make any changes to the invoice. See the guide below to learn how to fix this issue:

Reversing a paid invoice on an invoice accounting VAT scheme

This guide details how to deallocate a receipt from an invoice. 

Step 1.

Navigate to Sales > Invoices.

Step 2.

Next click on the invoice ID for the invoice you want to deallocate.

Step 3.

Once the invoice is open, scroll to the bottom of the page and click deallocate under payment history. 

Once this is done the receipt has now been deallocated and the invoice will appear as unpaid.

The deallocated receipt will remain unallocated on the Money > Unallocted cash menu. You can re-allocate it to a future invoice from this menu or by heading back to Sales > Invoices > Unpaid and clicking on an invoice ID number and hitting the Allocate receipt button.

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