Using our CSV import function it is possible to quickly import journals into Clear Books. This allows you to create journal entries in bulk rapidly, thus quickening your data entry.


To begin simply navigate to Tools > Import > Overview and click on the CSV Import button.

Step 2.

Click on CSV Import

Step 3

Click on Journals.

Step 4.

Upload your CSV. Please note the available fields are shown below the upload box along with the required fields. You can also obtain a sample CSV here.

Each journal should include a separate row for every debit and credit. Each row of a journal should have the same date and description.

Step 5.

Set your import mappings for your CSV and click on import to confirm the mappings.

Step 6.

Click on import all to confirm the import. Your journals will then be created. 

Technical support is available from Monday to Friday, 9 - 5.

How to contact support within Clear Books

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