There are three ways of adding attachments to emails. 

You can add up to 5 global attachments which will appear as an option each and every time email a sales invoice. You can add up to 10 attachments for individual sales invoice emails. Finally, you can enable a toggle to send invoices as a PDF attachment on all invoice, statement, payment and paid bill emails. 

Global Attachments

Global attachments are attachments which will appear as an option to select from on all sales invoice emails. You can add up to 5 global attachments on the Contacts > Email > Email attachments menu.

Once you have uploaded your global attachments, use the checkbox to set it as attached by default.

Individual Email Attachments

Individual email attachments are only sent on the specific email you are sending. To email an invoice, head to the Sales > Invoices > All menu, click on the invoice number and hit the Email button. 

On the email preview menu, any global attachments you have attached by default will appear here with the checkbox ticked. 

You can add up to 10 individual attachments by selecting the file and hitting the Upload button.

Email with Attached PDF

The Email with attached PDF feature can be enabled/disabled on the Settings > Configure system > Toggle features > Invoices & expense menu.

When the email with attached PDF feature is enabled, the system will automatically attach a PDF of an invoice or customer statement to emails for invoices, paid bills, customer statements and payments. 

This attachment will not count towards either the global attachment limit or the individual email attachment limit. It will not appear on the email preview menu.