Receipt Bank is a time-saving tool that can extract the key information from your invoices, bills, and receipts and store them in the cloud.

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Clear Books provide an integration with Receipt Bank, giving you an easy way to pull in the necessary data from Receipt Bank, reducing the amount of manual data entry you have to do within your Clear Books account.

How to use the Receipt Bank integration

If you are a Clear Books Partner and have a Receipt Bank for multiple clients you can set up the Receipt Bank integration on your Partner account and import data into each client account from there.

To begin, log in to your Partner account, head to the Tools > Integrations > Other integrations menu and click on either the Import expenses or the Import bills button.

You will then need to enter your Receipt Bank credentials:

Select the Receipt Bank user from the Import data from this remote user dropdown.

Choose the Target company, this will determine which Clear Books account the expenses and bills will appear in. 

Hit the Next button to proceed.

Finally, select the expenses or bills you would like to import and make sure an account code has been assigned to each transaction.

Hit the Import selected items button to complete.