Step 1.

Head to Purchases > Bills > Create a bill > Enter all the required fields marked with an asterisk.

Step 2.

Mark the deposit being paid off on the bill using either the Record payment method or Bank Explain page. 

Step 3.

Head to Money > Bank Accounts > Add Account > Select the Loan Account type and name this Hire Purchase loan account or similar > Hit Save.

Step 4.

Head to Purchases > Bills > Click into the Bill number of the original purchase > Then use the Record Payment form located at the bottom to pay off the outstanding amount with the Hire Purchase loan account > Hit Pay.

Step 5.

For the monthly hire purchase payments, you can process this as transfers by heading to Money > Bank Accounts > Clicking Transfer beside your Business Bank account > Enter the amount > Hit Transfer Money > Select the the Hire Purchase loan account in the Transfer to dropdown > Hit Confirm Transfer.

Step 6.

For interest payments, you can process this under Tools > Journals > All Journals > Create Journal. You may need to speak to an accountant to confirm which accounts codes to use.