Please note that Yodlee is a third party service. Known issues and their latest updates from Yodlee are listed on the Tools > Integrations > Yodlee - bank feeds > Status updates menu.

If you would just like to add a new Yodlee - Bank feed, please skip to Step 3.

Step 1.

Navigate to the Tools > Integration > Yodlee - Bank feeds menu.

Step 2.

Read the initial introduction on how the Yodlee - Bank feeds integration works and then read and accept the Consent.

Step 3.

Now you can begin setting up your 1st bank feed, click on the Add feed button.

Step 4.

A pop up message box should now appear. Read the brief introduction message from Yodlee and accept the Yodlee T&Cs.

Step 5.

Select your bank account from the list provided, or use the search bar to search for the name of your bank.

Step 6.

Once you have found and selected your bank, you will need to add in the credentials that you use to access it. 

If the credential fields displayed do not match the credentials requested when you log into your online banking, or the URL listed is not the URL that you use to enter your bank, click on the Back button and search for the bank that displays the correct credential fields.

Step 7.

Yodlee will now list all the accounts that it has found for that bank. You can delete any accounts that you would not like to be shown in Clear Books by clicking on the cog icon. 

Click on the Link Another Site button to repeat steps 5 & 6 for any other bank accounts you want to add. 

Click on the Close button to complete the process.

Step 8.

You will now be returned to the Clear Books menu. It will list all the bank account feeds found during the setup process. 

Step 9.

Click on the Link to account text to link each feed to an appropriate bank account in Clear Books.

You can learn more about how to add bank accounts in Clear Books here.

Technical support is available from Monday to Friday, 9 - 5.

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