As a Partner in Clear Books, to submit your own MTD VAT returns you must copy across your business tax account to your new Agent services account. 

You can then authorise Clear Books as the software for MTD submissions (if you haven't done so already), using your new Agent services credentials. In effect, your practice is set up in the same way as your clients.

HMRC Steps

Step 1. 

Sign up your Practice to MTD as a client. 

You must make sure you have created your new Agent services account, you can learn more about this below: 

Step 2.

If you submitted your previous VAT returns for your Practice using your own business tax account credentials then you will need to authorise your practice as a new client on your agent services account i.e.

If you submitted your previous VAT returns for your Practice using your old agent account then you will need to copy across your Practice account to your Agent Services account.

Clear Books Steps

Once the above steps are completed, you can now authorise Clear Books as the software for MTD submission using your new Agent services account credentials.

Step 1.

Login to your Clear Books Partner account. 

Step 2.

Navigate to Settings > Configure system > Toggle features > VAT & Bank import tool and enable both online VAT submissions and MTD.

Step 3.

Navigate to Tax > VAT > MTD onboarding, on Step 5, make sure to hit the Authorise button and use your Agent services credentials to authorise Clear Books as software to submit MTD VAT returns to HMRC.

Please note: If you have submitted MTD VAT returns on behalf of any clients in Clear Books already, step 5 on the onboarding wizard will already be complete.

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