The payment slip of an invoice can show details for your customers to be able to pay by cheque. If you do not want your customers to pay by cheque, you can use the guide to remove these options from both your bank account details and invoice theme.

Step 1.

Head to the Money > Bank Accounts menu and click on the edit link next to your bank account.

Step 2.

Next, remove any data from the Cheques payable to and Payable to address fields, and hit the Save button.

Step 3.

Go to Settings > Configure system > Invoice themes then either click on the Create invoice theme button or edit an existing invoice theme using the link.

Step 4.

Within the invoice theme editor go to the Payment advice box and remove the cheque payment text.

Step 5.

Finally you will need to make sure that this invoice theme is used as the default theme on all sales invoices going forward. On the Settings > Configure system > Invoice themes menu just click on the Set as Default link under your custom theme.