Clear Books Micro is a combination of 3 clear & simple bookkeeping spreadsheets to record your accounts. Clear Books Micro allows you to record sales invoices, bank payments and bills. 

However, you can turn Clear Books Micro into a very simple system just for recording money in and money out. This guide explains how you can do this and how you would process transactions in this version.


The first task in Clear Books Micro is to add your VAT scheme on the Settings > Tax information menu. If you select a VAT registered scheme you can choose between a Standard, Cash or Flat rate scheme.

Selecting a Flat rate scheme allows you to enter your Flat rate percentage and whether your scheme is on the Basic or Cash basis turnover method.

Once you have set up your VAT scheme you can add in your bank accounts on the Settings > Bank accounts menu. Click on the Add bank account button to begin entering the details of your first bank account. Next enter the bank account name, opening balance and the opening balance date and hit the Save button.

The Settings > Bank accounts menu will now list all bank accounts you have saved. You can add more by clicking on the Add bank account button or update existing accounts by clicking on the Edit button.

To switch Clear Books Micro to a simple way of recording money in and out only, head to the Settings > Toggle Features menu, remove the tick from the Enable Sales invoices and Bills tabs checkbox and hit the Save button. 

The system will then reduce the menus to just the Bank and Settings menus.


The bank tab will allow you to record Money in and Money Out.

First select the Date. You can navigate quickly from cell to cell using the directional keys or tab on your keyboard.

Enter either a Money in or Money out amount and Details of the payment received. 

In the Transaction type drop down cell select either Other Money in or Other Money out, this will determine whether you see income or expense accounts when explaining the payment. 

Finally, select the bank the money was paid into. An Explain button will now appear in the Explain cell. 

Next, hit the Explain button in the Explain column. 

This will take you to the Explain menu where you can choose the appropriate account code to use for each payment. This menu also allows you to split up the payment into multiple parts, which is useful when for example you buy multiple items from a shop and receive one receipt with some items including VAT and others not.

To enter the first item first select the appropriate Account.

You can enter either the Amount (incl VAT) or the Amount (exl VAT). The system will calculate VAT automatically based on the VAT Rate and whether you chose to enter the Amount (incl VAT) or the Amount (exl VAT). The VAT Rate defaults to 20% if you are VAT registered. 

To add more items just click on the Add item button and to remove items hit the Delete button.

Hit the Save button to complete.

Technical support is available from Monday to Friday, 9 - 5.

How to contact support within Clear Books

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