Clear Books allows Partners to submit MTD VAT returns on behalf of their clients. 

It’s best to sign up for MTD for VAT at the start of your VAT period.  In the case of any stumbling blocks, you’ll have plenty of time to get things sorted.

Steps to get your practice ready for MTD VAT

Outlined below are the steps you need to take to be able to submit MTD VAT returns with links to our specific guides on how to complete these steps in detail. 

1. Toggle on the MTD VAT submissions. 

2. Once you have toggled on MTD VAT submissions, you can run through our onboarding process for Partners using the wizard on the Tax > VAT > MTD Onboarding menu. The most important steps in this process are:

2.1 Create an agent services account.

2.2 Link your clients to your new agent services account.

2.3 Sign up your clients to MTD.

2.4 Authorise Clear Books as your software for submitting MTD VAT returns. 

2.5 Run an MTD VAT return.

Paying by Direct Debit? Don't miss the date

Clients paying their VAT bills by direct debit need to sign up around 3 weeks before their payment due date, this is to allow time for the legal notices associated with the change to be sent.