This guide helps explain the MTD VAT onboarding process for SMEs in more detail. To begin the MTD VAT onboarding process, please see our guide on how to enable MTD VAT Submissions.

Navigate to Tax > VAT > MTD onboarding to begin running through the onboarding wizard. 

Each time you complete the action(s) in each step of the wizard, a green tick will replace the orange exclamation mark.

1. Information about MTD for VAT.

The first step in the wizard gives a bit more information about MTD for VAT. Click the Next button to proceed once you have read and understood this information.

2. Review Your Clear Books VAT settings.

Click on the Update VAT settings button and make sure the VAT number is correct, and the correct VAT scheme has been applied.

3. Enable this Clear Books account for MTD VAT Submission.

4. Set up your HMRC online account, and sign up to MTD for VAT

If you do not have Government Gateway credentials you register for a tax services account by clicking on the Manage your HMRC online account button.

5. Authorise Clear Books software to submit VAT returns to HMRC

Click on the Authorise button. 

You will then be redirected to the Government Services website, where you will have to click on the Continue button, then you must enter your Government Gateway credentials and hit the Sign In button. On the next page you will be instructed to click on the Grant Authority button authorise Clear Books.

6.Find out about our enhanced MTD VAT features

Now that you have completed the onboarding wizard you can begin creating and submitting MTD VAT returns. Click on the Prepare MTD VAT return button, which will redirect you to the VAT return page.

To learn more about how to process and submit the return, please click on this link to view our MTD VAT submissions guide.