You can use the Margin comparison report to compare the P&L for two financial reporting periods or two custom periods of time. The report shows the total balance for each income and expense account code and this total as a percentage of all income.

You can also use the Margin comparison report to choose one or more income account codes against one or more expense account codes to compare the margin.

Margin Comparison Report

To run the Margin comparison report head to the Reports > Popular reports > Margin comparison menu.

Use the form to filter by Project if required. 

If you choose to filter by reporting period, select the two appropriate reporting periods using the appropriate drop down boxes.

If you choose to filter by date, select the two custom periods of time using the appropriate date picker boxes.

Hit the Find button to run the report.

Account Comparisons

Once you have generated the report, if you would like to find out the margin between 1 or more income accounts and 1 or more expense accounts, click on the Manage account comparisons button, or the link to create a new account comparison.

Give the comparison a name, you can create multiple account comparisons.

Select a sales account and select a purchase account. If you would like to add more, click on the Add sales/purchases account buttons appropriately.

Hit the Save button to save this comparison.

You can return to the Account comparison menu using the link shown at the top of the page. You can delete or add new account comparisons from this menu. Now click on the Margin comparison link at the top of the page.

Run the report as described at the start of this guide. The comparison between the accounts will be shown in a table at the bottom.