You must have a Government Gateway account to be able to create an Agent Services Account in the new HMRC services system. If you already have an existing Government Gateway account, please proceed to Step 3, if you do not please proceed with Step 1.

Once you have completed this process you can continue with the MTD Onboarding Wizard from 4. Set up your HMRC agent services account, and sign up your clients to MTD for VAT

Step 1.

To create a new Agent services account click head to the Government Gateway page.

Step 2.

You will then be prompted to enter your registration credentials. Subsequently, HMRC may require your Self Assessment unique tax reference (UTR) or Corporation Tax reference number and Postcode to identify your business.

As soon as this has been completed, HMRC will then automatically generate a unique Government Gateway User ID and send a copy of this to the registered email address. 

Step 3.

You must then proceed to create an Agent Services account by clicking on this link.

Log in using the user ID and password obtained from Step 2.  Complete the steps to create your Agent Services Account. Note down your Agent Services Account number to use later. Keep this somewhere safe because it cannot be recovered if you lose it! This is also referred to as the Agent Reference Number (ARN).

Step 4.

Follow the instructions on-screen to create a VAT service in your Agent Services Account.

Step 5.

Log in to your Agent Services account. 

Navigate to the Services you might need section and click on the link Allow this account to access existing client relationships.

Log in using the User ID and Password for the old Government Gateway ID you use to access the clients you wish to link > Then enter your Agent Services Account number and business tax reference (sometimes called a Self Assessment UTR or Corporation Tax reference) and follow the steps to link your clients.

Once completed, you will see a success screen indicating that you have connected the Government Gateway ID. Repeat for any other Government Gateway IDs for other clients you wish to link. This will then be reflected in Clear Books.

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