Scenario 1: Missing HMRC VAT bill causing the Dashboard VAT owed figure to be overstated.

In this example, if we head to Dashboard > Overview, we can see that the VAT owed to HMRC building up is £2,957.14.

However, when running the latest quarterly VAT return, box 5 indicates that only £2,449.99 is owed.

Once you confirm this return, the Dashboard figure VAT owed then becomes £2,957.14 - £2,449.99 = £507.15

Step 1.

Head to Reports > All reports > Transactions > Filter by VAT control and the relevant date range.

As you can see, there is a closing Credit balance of £507.15, this will indicate that there is VAT on invoices that have not yet been paid. The VAT control account must always balance.

Step 2.

You must then check the HMRC full statement (Contacts > Suppliers > Click HMRC > Full Statement) and ensure that the VAT invoices/ bills are created in line with the existing VAT returns in Reports > Popular Reports > VAT return.

As you can see in the statement above, there is no existing bill for the Quarter Ending Feb VAT return.

Step 3.

Click on the missing VAT return and ensure that you have clicked Confirm. Once the VAT return has been confirmed, the system will automatically generate the relevant HMRC bill/ invoice depending on the net VAT owed or reclaimed.

Once this is done, the Dashboard VAT owed figure will be cleared to 0.

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