iPages is a comprehensive eCommerce sales and inventory management solution. They have developed an integration with Clear Books that allows users to export customers, sales invoices and sales invoice payments from within the iPages admin area into a Clear Books account.

Step 1.

In your Clear Books account head to the Settings > Organisation > Details & tax menu.

Step 2.

Click on the API tab and make a note of the API Key. Each Clear Books account has it's own unique API key - the screenshot below is for demonstration purposes only.

Step 3.

Log into your iPages admin area.

Step 4. 

Navigate to Settings > Integrations.

Step 5.

Click on the pencil next to the Clear Books integration and the dialog box shown below will appear. Enter your Clear Books API Key (Step 2) and click OK. This links your Clear Books account details to your iPages website.

Setting up your Clear Books Integration

The guide above explains how to set up some general settings in your iPages account such as the date to export your data from, a default account code for customers and a synch date.

It also shows how to map the accounts in iPages to the chart of accounts in Clear Books. This will insure that when invoices appear in Clear Books they will be coded to the correct account. It also explains how to map bank accounts for payments taken via iPages so that the correct bank balance is updated when payments appear in Clear Books.

Exporting to Clear Books

The guide above explains when and how to export your customers, invoices and payments to Clear Books.