GoCardless is a direct debit payment merchant which will allow you to take payments for invoices within Clear Books. In the situation where you have existing mandates in your GoCardless account, you are able to link these to existing customers in Clear Books.

Step 1.

Head to Tools > Integrations > GoCardless > Mandates.


Step 2.

Under the Link Existing Mandates heading, you are able to select the relevant customer where you can input the Mandate ID shown on your GoCardless account. 

Alternatively, you can upload a CSV file by clicking on the Browse button. You can download a template using the link to view the required data. 

Click on the Submit button to complete your action. 

To find your mandate id in GoCardless:

Login to your GoCardless account.

Head to the Customers tab.

Click on the appropriate customer name.

Click on bank account for the customer.

Click on the active Mandate.

The Mandate number is shown at the top of the menu.