Account codes are the nominal accounts which make up your chart of accounts. This guide explains how to edit the details of an account code.

It is not possible to change the account type on all accounts. The accounts that you are unable to change the account type on are:

  • All the default system generated balance sheet accounts
  • All the default system generated Salaries account codes (4001001 - 5)
  • All the default system generated fixed asset depreciation account codes (4010001 - 4)
  • All system generated account codes for bank accounts
  • All system generated account codes for employee expenses
  • All system generated account codes for shareholder dividend accounts
  • All fixed asset account codes if used on a transaction
  • Revenue (1001001), Cost of sales (2001001), Other income (3001001), Reclaimed expenses (3001002), General admin (4004001), Entertaining staff (4008001), Entertaining clients (4008002), Bad debt expense (4011001), Amortisation (4012001), Forex movement (5001001), Interest income (5501001), Interest expense (6001001), Bank charges (6001002), Corporation tax (6501001)

If you have any accounts which are currently using the wrong account type, delete the account (if still possible) using the wrong account type and re-add.

If it's not possible to delete the account create a new account with a new account type and make sure to hide the old account by unchecking the show in sales/purchases checkboxes. You can edit any existing transactions replacing the original account used with the new one.

Step 1.

Navigate to Settings > Accounting > Account codes menu.

Account codes

Step 2.

Click on the edit icon, under the Actions column, to the far right of the account you would like to update.

Step 3.

The system currently allows you to update:

Account name, Account code (if toggled on - Settings > Configure system > Toggle features > Accounting), Account type, Associated VAT rate and the appearance of the account on sales and purchase transactions.

Technical support is available from Monday to Friday, 9 - 5.

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