Click here for an in-depth guide on how to use the fixed asset register

Once an asset has been created by either approving a pending asset or creating a new fixed asset you can begin to create depreciation transactions using the fixed asset register. 


As you process a transaction for the depreciation, the system will create a journal entry which will Dr the depreciation account code and Cr the accumulated depreciation account code.


You can control how the depreciation is processed in several different ways.


Depreciation will not be processed (or deleted) in locked reporting periods found on the Settings > Accounting > Periods menu.

You can process depreciation transactions for all of your assets in one go using this feature. 


Navigate to Tools > Fixed assets > Process assets.


Click on the ‘Update’ to create depreciation transactions for every asset for each month since the depreciation start date that has not had a depreciation transaction created.


Use the ‘Don’t create journals’ checkbox if some assets have not generated new months to depreciate due to locked or non existent financial reporting periods.