Step 1.

Navigate to Tools > Integrations > Other integrations. 

Other integrations

Step 2.

From the selection, choose Import Expenses for employee expenses.

If you have a mix of both expenses and bills you can import expenses first and choose which items to import in step 5. Once this is done you can import bills and import the remaining items.

Step 3.

Select the appropriate Receipt bank account in the Import data from this remote user drop down field. Select the appropriate Clear Books account in the Target company drop down field.

Importselect RB

Step 4.

Select the employee the imported expenses will be created under in the drop-down field. Tick the checkbox to import expenses with scans to be attached if appropriate.

RB employee select

Step 5.

Assign an account manually to each item. This can be automated by mapping the categories in Receipt Bank to the account codes in Clear Books.

Step 6.

Select which items to import and hit the Import selected items button.