This tool automatically imports transactions and can create entities automatically from your Paypal merchant account. This feature will not work for personal Paypal accounts. To register for a PayPal account, please visit:

Step 1.

You will need to update your Paypal account details.

1.1 Login to your Paypal business account and navigate to the Profile page.


1.2 Click on the My Selling Preferences.

My selling preferences

1.3 Next to API access click on update.


1.4 Click on the Add or edit API permissions link under the Pre-built payment solution.

edit API

1.5 Click on option 1 - Add or edit API permissions.

option 1

1.6 Click on the Add a new third party link

add third party

1.7 Add as the third party permission user name.

user name

1.8 Set these third party permissions -

Obtain your PayPal account balance. Obtain information about a single transaction. Search your transactions for items that match specific criteria and display the results.


Step 2.

2.1 Log in to Clear Books and navigate to Money > Bank accounts. Click on the Add Account button.

Bank accounts

2.2 Click the plus icon next to Internet payments to create a Paypal account in Clear Books.

internet payments

2.3 Configure the bank account as shown below. Select payment provider as Paypal, bank group to New Bank and set the default currency to your Paypal account's currency. Select whether to attempt automatic imports and also enable an option to include a Paypal payment button on statements.

paypal account details

IMPORTANT the email account must be set to the email address of the Paypal account you intend to import from. Once this has been done hit the Save button. You will then be sent a verification request email which you must verify before you begin importing.

Step 3.

3.1 Navigate to Money > Bank accounts and click the Import link for your Paypal account.


3.2 If this is the initial import then a start date for the import must be set. Choose whether to create suppliers/customers automatically for each transaction. When ready, click the Import button.

All statements should be imported on the next hour and will appear on the Money > Bank accounts menu under the table Imported statements that need explaining.

Any Paypal transaction fees will link to the appropriate transaction and be automatically explained with the account code bank charges.


A limitation of the Paypal API means that this tool does not match the original description for a currency conversion which has occurred in your paypal account. e.g. if you have a GBP Paypal account and make a payment in USD, then the description of the Paypal transaction will be "Conversion from USD to GBP" rather than the original description 'Purchase of xyz'.

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