Please note that Yodlee is a third party service. Errors experienced are beyond our control and we can only forward error reports on to Yodlee. Known issues and their latest updates from Yodlee are listed on the Tools >Integrations > Yodlee > Status updates menu.

Step 1.

Navigate to Tools > Integrations > Yodlee.


Step 2.

Read through the T & Cs. Tick the checkbox and hit the Accept button.

Step 3.

Click on the Add Feed button.

Step 4.

Click on either one of the more commonly used UK business bank accounts, or search for the appropriate bank account by typing the name in the search field and hitting the Search button.

Step 5.

Once the bank has been added, the system will ask for a number of required data fields to be updated. The number of data fields varies for each bank.

Step 6.

To perform an initial import, click on the link within the following text:

To perform future imports head to Tools > Integrations > Yodlee and click on the Refresh button under the bank account name.

Yodlee will automatically refresh each day to keep imported bank statements up to date. For "Multi Factor Authentication" such as PinSentry refreshes will need to be performed manually to get the latest transactions.

Please Note:  All accounts with card readers will be asked for a pin number during the refresh procedure.

Step 7.

Once the refresh request has been sent to the bank, statements being imported by Yodlee need to be linked to the appropriate bank account set up in Clear Books. Click on the Link to an account link.

Step 8.

Select the Clear Books bank account and the start date for which transactions can be imported from.

Hit the Link button to complete.

Please Note: Yodlee will only allow statements to be imported for the previous 3 months, to import statements from further back please use the bank statement import tool.

All Yodlee imported bank statements will be listed on the Money > Bank accounts menu at the bottom under the imported statements that need explaining table.

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