Once the dividend has been created a payment can be created by following the steps in the guide here.

Step 1.

Navigate to Tools > Dividends.

Step 2.

You must create at least one director to be able to use the Dividends tool. You can do so by clicking on the Add director button. (Skip to Step 4 if you have already set up your directors). 

Step 3.

Fill in the details of the director as appropriate and click on the Save button. Use the down arrow to add more than one. You can also add directors directly from the Contacts > Suppliers menu at any time. 

Step 4.

Navigate to the Share structure page of Tools > Dividends.

Enter details of the company's shares and hit the Update button.

Step 5.

Click on the Calculator page for an indication of profits available for dividend. 

Step 6.

Click on the Shareholders page and use the Add button to add details of the company's shareholders. You may already have shareholders listed which you can update using the Edit icon. At least one shareholder must own shares before you can create any dividends. 

Step 7.

Fill in all the required fields. Once you have entered all the details for the shareholder, click on the Save button.

Step 8.

Click on the Overview page and select Create dividend button.

Step 9.

Fill in all the required details of the total dividend to be paid and select the Create button to confirm. 

Step 10.

The screen will show you how the dividend will be split between all the shareholders, if you are satisfied, select the Create Dividend button.

The Overview page will now display all dividends created. Click on a dividends icon to view the split of the dividend and also links to the minutes of the dividend as well as dividend vouchers for each shareholder. These are both in either HTML or PDF formats (HTML formats can be edited in Word). 

You can also view an annual certificate of dividends paid to each shareholder by viewing their details on the Shareholders page.

Step 11.

To view the dividend journal navigate to Tools > Journals > All journals.

The dividend created will Credit all the shareholder named dividend accounts and Debit Dividends. 

As and when the dividends are paid, the payment is entered to the shareholder named dividend account(s).