When creating a sales invoice you can choose to select the Bank details to display in the drop down box below the Summary box. You can set a default bank account for all customers on the Settings > Configure system > Invoice themes > Invoice preferences menu, or alternatively you can set a default bank account for an individual customer.

Step 1.

Navigate Money > Bank Accounts and select the Edit link against the appropriate Bank Account.

Bank accounts (2)

Step 2.

Fill in the Account Number, Sort Code, Cheques payable to and, if applicable, IBAN & SWIFT numbers, to be shown on invoices.

To choose a default bank account for all sales invoices head to Settings > Configure system > Invoice Themes > Preferences link and select the Default Payment details for all invoices and select Save at the foot of the screen.

To choose a default bank account for a specific customer head to Contacts > Customers and click on the Edit contact link beside the appropriate customer name. Under the Customer invoice defaults tab select a Default bank account and hit Save at the bottom. The customer default takes priority over the preferences default on invoices.